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We analyse

and provide

instant insights tailored to you.

We gather data.
We analyse the data.
We create valuable information,
fully individualised to fit your context.


Your Company's Information

We need to understand your individual context to customise all information to you.


Upload Docs such as a company presentation

Tell us your company's website


Find Adidas information relevant to me.


What are you interested in?

Tell us, what kind of information you want to get.


We start analysing.

Gathering company news, industry news, competitor information and much more and bringing all on one page.

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sentiment plot
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We monitor relevant information.

We initiate ongoing monitoring to keep track of relevant information for you. Whenever we detect something, we will notify you.

And then we show it to you.

Industries using SOJI AI

Cyber Security

Key Use Cases where Soji AI shines

The basics are always the same: We collect information from diverse sources, focusing on companies, industries, news, and more. The true magic unfolds when we combine this information with your unique context. Here are a few examples where our AI can be of assistance.

Explore the company's activities thoroughly and gain a deep understanding of the industry, including key competitors and trends. Stay informed about relevant changes and new project opportunities.

Mainly used by:

Consultancies and Agencies​

Discover opportunities within your current customer base and potential leads

Identify critical threats to your business as we continuously scan websites, feeds, and your internal data sources, consolidating potential threats into clear, intelligent reports.

Identify potential threats and compliance issues

Mainly used by:

Financial Institutions

Energy Companies

Analyse market trends, financial statements, and industry news to identify promising investment opportunities and risks. Get customized reports that align with your financial strategy and goals.

Improve investment decision-making

Mainly used by:

Financial Institutions

Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors

Detect relevant

information 10x faster

In a data-driven world, discovering what's important can be overwhelming. Our solution simplifies this task, boosting efficiency significantly. Receive tailored insights directly, enhancing precision and productivity.

Create relationships,

generate revenue

Become an expert for your partners and customers. Use this expertise to cultivate relationships, forge partnerships and secure project sales. 


Expertise in AI

With over seven years of experience in natural language processing, machine learning, and neural networks, we provide cutting-edge solutions that deliver tailored insights.

Data Mastery

We collect extensive external data relevant to you.
We analyse the data to extract crucial insights.
We tailor these insights to fit your unique business context.

Effortless Information Screening

Our technology enables users to access and sift through vast data effortlessly, ensuring quick and informed decision-making.

Anticipatory Insights

We know what you need before you do, preparing you with the right information at the right time.

 Instant integration, zero setup

Get started with Soji AI instantly - the integration takes just seconds. As a ready-to-use web app, you can begin seeing benefits right away, with no setup required.

You want to run Soji AI on your own servers? No problem. We are happy to integrate it into your infrastructure. Let's talk!

Ready to start?

Would you like a deeper understanding of our product? Are you interested in learning more about our company and what we do? We'd be delighted to schedule a call with you.



380 Jln Besar, Singapore 209000

Hamburg Germany

Axel-Springer-Platz 3, 20355 Hamburg, Germany

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